Corrupt Supreme Court of Victoria.

The evidence is unequivocal, Justice Robert Osborn very carefully and methodically substituted words in supposed transcripts of documents; he rearranged wording of others documents, he omitted inconvenient parts of other documents, completely misrepresented facts and law and rearranged sequence of events and many other things. The intended and known effect of Osborn's fabrications was to protect his thoroughly corrupt law school contemporary, Justice Greg Garde.

Fraudster Garde had corruptly deceived the Victorian Administrative Appeals Tribunal, the self same organistation which he is now president of. Osborn's reasons were carefully and fraudulent contrived to deny and conceal the fact that Garde corruptly deceived the tribunal.

In full knowledge that Osborn's Reasons were fabricated Garde applied for and Osborn ordered that I pay Garde punishing indemnity costs. This was an act of malicious fraud.

The fact of these things is unequivocal - The Court and the Attorney General's Office presently deny that that there is any evidence and thereby protect Osborn and Garde.

I say a reader will conclude Osborn and Garde are protected fraudsters.

Breaking News 14th July 2014

Mr. Robert Clark, the Attorney General of the State of Victoria, and the Victorian Government Solicitor, Mr. Stephen Lee, misrepresent fact and law for the apparent purpose of wrongly intimidating the web host of and concealing the facts of the conduct of Garde and Osborn from the people of Victoria.

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