Utterly Corrupt Justice System of Victoria, Australia.

2400 years ago the great philosopher Plato postulated to the effect that if people with a criminal predilection are provided with assured safety then they will be criminals.

Plato also postulated that the most perfect injustice is done by those with the greatest reputation for justice.

Plato would recognise the Supreme Court of Victoria, Australia, and the so called justice system of Victoria as his postulations incarnate.


Brief Outline

In 1979 I purchased some unremarkable land to the north of Kyneton Victoria.

About 6 months later, unbeknown to me, that land became key to Victoria's first Timeshare resort having a then estimated $300,000,000 market value. (at present day values)

The local solicitors, Palmer Stevens & Rennick, who were subtantial financiers of that proposed timeshare resort were also solicitors for the Local Council, (Now Macedon Ranges Shire Council.) and the local Water Authority (Now Coliban Water.)

At that time I signed an option to purchase agreement to sell my land to a Kenneth Raymond Buchanan for ordinary residential prices.

Buchanan subsequently became a director of the company that was established to develop the Timeshare Resort.

Buchanan did not exercise his right to purchase my land but instead he and the Solicitors and the Council & Water Authority fraudulently conspired with one another to prevent me from selling my land to anyone other than the Timeshare Company at far far less than the price I had paid for it and less than what Buchanan had earlier agreed to.

In 1985, the then known aspects of that fraud were raised in the Victorian Parliament and reported in newspapers of the day.

That then led to an extended series of Court proceedings during the period 1987 until 2010.

Each and every one of those court proceedings was characterised by overt fraud in the Court by the solicitors for the Council and Water Authority and by solicitors for the Timshare company.

In the first if those proceedings, in 1987, the solcitor for a subsidiary of the now ANZ Bank conspired with the then junior barrister Greg Garde and with the Timeshare company to overty decieve the Court.

In 2007 the Victorian Supreme Court Judge, Justice Robert Osborn purposefully fabricated purported Reasons for Judgment for the specific purpose of deceiving the people of Victoria and concealing the overtly corrupt conduct of Garde.

Subsequently, in the period 2008 to 2010 six Victorian Court of Appeal judges overtly fabricated reasons andd made wrongful orders for the purpose of concealing Osborn's corrupt conduct.

During those procedings, in a written submisssion, I told the Victorian Court of Appeal that I had reserved the web domain name "courtsontrial.com" and that I would publish and expose the corruption.

Since that time, as detailed below, the Victorian Supreme Court per se, and successive Attorneys General have unsuccesfully resorted to outright criminal and corrupt conduct to censor the web by having both this website and my YouTube videos removed from the web.

Subsequently, while many Court officers knew he was corrupt, Garde was appointed a Judge of the Supreme Court.

During this period, in 2005, while he was a mere Queen's Counsel, the now retired Federal Court Judge, Justice John Middleton commited flagrant fraud upon the Court and unsuccesfully attempted to defaud me of his then $86,000 fee.

Osborn's fabricated purported reasons, and the Court of Appeal reasons and orders were also contrived to conceal the overtly corrupt conduct of Middleton.

As with Garde, many Court officers were aware of Middleton's corrupt conduct when he was appointed as a Judge of the Federal Court.

As discussed and evinced below, there is not even one single person in the entire legal industry with either the courage or integrity to stand against such conduct.

The following substantially and unequivocally evinces that corrupt conduct.


9th May 2024. I believe that I have found the archilles heel of the so-called justice system of Victoria.

I expect to publish particulars within the next week. - Watch this space.





Overtly corrupt judge & ant-corruption commissioner

of Victoria Australia


Macedon Ranges Shire Council Forty Years of Property & Rate Fraud


Judicial and Cultural Corruption in the Supreme Court of Victoria


The Vicorian Government/Judicial system lied to youtube to have you tube block the above video from Australian viewers

I now re-publish the above video so that Australian viewers and the world can see what the Victorian Government is seeking to conceal from Australians.

Re-publication of the above video which is blocked to Australian viewers.


Reputation for Justice.

In any subset of society the statistical certainty is that people with a criminal predilection will exist.

That is true of judges, barristers, solicitors, politicians, mothers, fathers, priests, and any subset one can imagine.

Confidence in the justice system is an essential component of a healthy and functioning democracy.

There is two ways for a justice system to maintain or present a reputation for justice.

The first method will provide the nearest humanly possible guarantee of an honest justice system.

The second method will provide the safety which Plato referred to and will guarantee a corrupt justice system.

The Chief Justice of Victoria and consecutive Attorneys General of Victoria choose the second method and as postulated by Plato they guarantee a corrupt justice system.

As demonstrated below, the Chief Justice of Victoria and the Attorney General of Victoria are both well aware of unequivocal evidence of corruption in the Supreme Court of Victoria and they both choose to deceive and delude the people of Victoria and maintain the Court's reputation for justice by ignoring denying and concealing rather than dealing with the overtly corrupt judges, barristers and solicitors known to them.

By their assured silence and protection they encourage and embolden the corrupt.

Until and unless they expose and deal with the corrupt Judges and barristers and the culture of silence no-one can have any confidence in any judgment of the Supreme Court of Victoria or the Victorian Court of Appeal or any lesser court for that matter.

They preposterously pretend Judges are the only subgroup of society which does not have people with a criminal predilection.

In Particular no-one can have an confidence in any determination of the Victorian Civil and Administrative Appeals Tribunal, the absolute serial criminal Major General Justice Greg Garde presides over it.

Complicitly silent Attorney General


Protected criminals

In 2006, while a mere barrister and while assured of protection, the now Major General Justice Greg Garde conspired with Justice Robert Osborn to have Osborn fraudulently fabricate purported Reasons for Judgment which were contrived to conceal and deny the overtly corrupt conduct of himself and a number of solicitors and barristers.

Osborn's purported Reasons were particularly contrived to conceal and deny the overt corrupt conduct of the by then Justice John Middleton of the Federal Court of Australia and the serial and overt malicious and criminally corrupt conduct of the the now Major General Justice Greg Garde.

At the time of committing their respective flagrant crimes the now Jusice John Middleton and the now Major General Justice Greg Garde were assured that the justice system would provide the safety which was subsequently provided by Osborn.

Similarly Osborn fabricated his purported Reasons in surety that he would be provided the safety of his corrupt friends in the Court of Appeal and he fabricated those reasons knowing and not caring and not fearing that if appealed they could come before the Chief Justice herself or any other judge of the Court of Appeal.


The ultimate in fraud and corruption;

Fraudulently fabricated Orders and fraudulently fabricated "Authenticated Order" documents sealed by the Supreme Court of Victoria.

In 2006, after Osborn published his fabricated Reasons, I stood in his Court and told him and demonstrated to his face that he was a fraudster.

Then on the last possible day after Osborn made his orders I filed an appeal with the Court of Appeal, my appeal was not an appeal in the ordinary sense, I did not allege mistake of law or fact, I alleged the patent fact that Osborn had fabricated his purported Reasons.

Then for the purpose of perverting the course of justice and concealing his own criminal conduct Osborn conspired with at least the now Major General Justice Greg Garde's instructing solicitor, Stephen Mark Edward, to fraudulently fabricate orders and fraudulently fabricated "Authenticated Order" documents sealed and authenticated by the Supreme Court of Victoria.

Those fabricated orders and fabricated sealed "Authenticated Order" documents fraudulently represented that Osborn had made orders seven days earlier than he in fact made his orders.

The purpose and effect of those fabricated orders and sealed "Authenticated Order" documents was to pervert the course of justice by fraudulently rendering my appeal invalid by reason of having been filed out of time.

This aspect is so crass and overt that it would only be contemplated by crass criminals assured of the corrupt protection of the various judges of the Victorian Court of Appeal including the the Chief Justice herself and including consecutive Attorneys General.

In a democracy, this must rank as the most serious possible crime.

The fraudulently fabricated purported "sealed Authenticated Order" document immediately below is probably unique in all western style democracies and is an instance of fraud by Justice Robert Osborn and the Supreme Court of Victoria.

Full detail may be seen here or view the video immediately below.

Justice Robert Osborn -- Fraudulently Fabricated Orders and Authenticated Orders.





Robert Clark, previous Attorney General of Victoria, conspired with Assistant Government Solicitor, Stephen Lee, to overtly misrepresent fact and law for the purpose of intimidating a small businessman and wrongfully censoring the web and concealing the crimes of Osborn and Garde and the rest from the people of Victoria.

Full details in writing are available here


More recently the present Attorney General, Martin Pakula, conspired with the Department of Justice minion, Donald Speagle, to deny the ubundant unequivocal evidence of the corruption.

Full details here.


The commissioner of the sham so called Victorian Anti Corruption Commission, Stephen O'Bryan QC, refused to do his duty and investigate the evidence of corrupt conduct of his professional associates including overt instances of overt conspiracy to pervert the course of justice referred to him.

In addition the ultimate overseer, the Victorian Inspectorate, refused to examine O'Bryan's conduct.

Stephen O'Bryan QC. - IBAC Comissioner

Full details available here.


Each and every Victorian Member of Parliament is aware of the corruption in the Justice System and aware that previous Attorney General, Robert Clark, conspired to conceal that corrupt conduct from the people of Victoria.

Details of the unequivocal evidence of extreme corrupt conduct of Justice Robert Osborn and the now Major General Justice Greg Garde has been provided to each and every member of Parliament. Copy of the material provided to them is available here

They must act to appoint an Attorney General with the courage and integrity to deal with corruption as provided by the Constitution ACT.

A list of Members of Parliament who have refused to act in respect of corruption is available here.


Each and every Supreme Court Judge and each and every Court of Appeal Judge has had sufficient of these things placed before them.

By registered mail of 5th August 2015 I sent a letter to each and every Judge and Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of Victoria and the Victorian Court of Appeal, including Garde and Osborn. That letter sufficiently detailed sufficient of the crass and falgrant aspects of the fraud of Osborn and Garde. A web copy and PDF copy of that letter is available here (Mail receipts and names of each Judge here)

All 1870 Victorian Barristers are adequately aware.

By email of 7th August 2015 I emailed all 1870 Barristers named in the following link and advised them of the letter of 5th August 2015 and its subject and provided them with a link to this website in order that they could view the letter. (copy email and names of Barristers here)


l have repeatedly provided the Chief Justice with intricate detail of the corrupt conduct.

By express post of 3rd February 2014 and by registered mail of 10th June 2015 I provided the Chief Justice and the President of the Court of Appeal with hard copy details of one aspect of Osborn's crass and flagrant fraud. A copy of that material is available here

It may be that the Chief Justice is unaware by reason of willful blindness and having carefully and purposefully averted her eyes to the material placed before her.

To remove the excuse of willfull blindness, by express post of 15th December 2015 I provided Ms Viv Macgillivray, the executive associate of the Chief Justice, with material which sets out the intricate detail of the evidence of the corrupt conduct of Osborn and Garde and Middleton and others and I noted her duty to the Chief Justice and which duty must surely include ensuring that the Chief Justice is aware of evidence of corruption which Ms Macgillivray is aware of.

The executive associate to the Chief Justice, Ms Viv Macgillivray.

The material which I provided to Ms Macgillivray is set out in a document entitled "Memo to the people of Victoria" and dated 10th December 2015.

A copy of my letter to Ms Macgillivray is available here

A PDF copy of Part 1 of that memo is available here

A PDF copy of Part 2 of that memo is available here

Copies of all documents referred to in my memo (and more) available here

The material which I sent to Ms Macgillivray sets out in intricate detail exactly how Justice Robert Osborn and Major General Justice Greg Garde and his co-conspirators and Justice John Middleton commited fraud and perverted the course of justice.


Barristers will not dob in their corrupt mates.

Julian Burnside AO. QC.

I have long held Julian Burnside in high regard. Some time ago Julian Burnside made unsolicited contact with me and told me that he had watched about 40 minutes of one of my videos and he inquired as to what I wanted him to do.

I replied and told him that he must act according to his conscience and that there was nothing which I could do or say to alter that.

He did nothing.

Then by express post of 11th December 2015 I sent him a copy of the memo which I had sent to the Chief Justice and which unequivocally set out the extreme corrupt conduct of Garde, Middleton, Osborn and others.

Julian Burnside responded and said that he was friends with the people named and said to the effect that he could not dob in his mates.

A copy of Julian Burnside's letter may be viewed here

It may be that Julian Burnside was obtusely telling me that the root cause of corruption in the justice system is that they are all mates.

The video immediately below refers to Julian Burside's response and shows the 40 minutes of Video watched by him.

I conclude that Julian Burnside was adequately aware of corruption and he chose to do nothing.

I have removed that video, updates will be posted shortly


One particularly annoying little, little, man.

Over the past several years I have regularly placed the evidence of corruption before each of the approximately 1800 Victorian barristers.

The supposed human rights barrister Pierre Testart threatened me with legal violence for having emailed detail of corrupt conduct to him.

Testart's threat was;

This little man has great courage in making threats against laypersons such as myself. He holds himself out to be a human rights lawyer.

The crimes of Osborn and Garde are the most serious imaginable crimes against human rights, they are a crime against the state of Victoria and all Victorians.

Needess to say I was singularly unimpressed with his threat and I continued to email him. I also provided him with the full detail of the corruption.

My most recent letter to Testart is available here

It seems that he also does nothing in respect of corruption which he has evidence of.

Pierre Testart.




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